Airpets Ltd

We at Airpets Ltd are are the UK’s leading pet travel agent, specialising in transporting pets across the UK and internationally. Ever since we first founded in 1966, we have focused on developing a First Class travel experience for your pet. We understand more than most how difficult and daunting it can be when travelling with your pet abroad, but rest assured, every part of our service that is undertaken by our experienced team will be done to the highest standards of love and care during your pets journey with us.

Along the way, our dedicated team of Pet Travel Consultants, Airport Vets and Animal Handlers will be able to provide you with up-to-date information, and they can be very flexible over your pets travel itinerary, giving you total peace of mind. So no matter if you are taking your pet on holiday or you are relocating abroad, Airpets will ensure your pet arrives safe and happy! As specialists in pet care and comfort, we can take on as much or as little of the relocation process as you need us to. Transporting your pet overseas has never been easier – we can take care of all the difficult stuff for you and will even help you navigate the rest.

Our prime 5 acre site at Heathrow Airport encompasses a wide range of specialist services and facilities from dedicated pet import & export departments, certified boarding & quarantine for both dogs and cats, secure exercise paddocks, air kennel production facilities, a grooming salon, and our veterinary centre.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest adventures, news and deals.

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