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Over the years, founder of Canine Hilton, Dr Mercia Nitzsche practices with a new and fresh holistic approach towards providing balanced care and welfare services to both cats and dogs.

**We are home to the PWCP method**

The Real Family Dynamics of the Cat
5* Holistic Care at Canine Communication By understanding how animals relate to each other and to human beings.

The Sixth Sense and Beyond!
Every sentient being is connected through the power of the mind and the unseen magnetic morphing fields. Evolution starts not on the physical plane, but like stardust from deep space, energy is all around us, sustaining life at every level.

A number of factors impact on an animal’s well-being and behaviour to which each and every companion animal is subjected to. When providing balanced care and welfare services it is essential, that we use an holistic approach!

Dr Mercia observed the existence of an entirely new and fresh approach towards the way dogs think in today’s structured society.

‘My work with animals is based on a natural passion and instinct. I have a gift to grasp the nature of the emotional and spiritual energy when out of balance, to harmonise! My goal is to seek and establish Global Welfare Legislation and re activate the Welfare established in 250 BC.’

BOARDING assessment: Stress/Trauma prevention
Home Care – Group Socialising – Individual Care

DOF WALKING with Training assessment:
Correct Lead, harnesses, muzzles and coats – Health indicators
Walking to heal and scoop that poop

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