London & Essex Kents Farm Kennels & Cattery

At Kent’s Farm Kennels and Cattery, our passion for animals, both big and small, drives us. Since 1970, we’ve been entrusted with the care of our customers’ dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even more unique pets. As a family-operated establishment, we prioritise the well-being of your beloved pets. With a dedicated team, we’ve earned a reputation for providing personalised care and attention to every animal in our care. Many of our guests become regular visitors, allowing us to build personal relationships with each one. Our commitment to detail and exceptional care is evident in our high levels of customer satisfaction and the numerous recommendations we receive.

BOARDING. During your pet’s stay with us, they’ll enjoy comfort as standard in our luxurious heated kennels and cattery. No matter the size of your dog, cat, or small animal, we provide a warm and cosy holiday home tailored to their needs. Whether they prefer company or solitude (depending on if you have more than one pet), we accommodate all preferences. Each kennel boasts a spacious run, allowing dogs to roam freely, while our cattery is equipped with scratching posts, sun shelves, climbing logs, and litter trays to cater to every feline whim. Additionally, we offer a convenient collection and delivery service for your peace of mind. A grooming service is also available on request.

PET TRAVEL. With nearly 50 years of experience, we specialise in international pet travel, ensuring your furry friends are safe and comfortable. We offer a complete export and transportation service to anywhere in the world by flight, shipping and road transport. We can import dogs, cats, rabbits and chinchillas. We even offer quarantine services. Our dedicated team handles all logistics, from paperwork to quarantine arrangements, leaving you free to focus on your relocation. With one point of contact, we provide personalised service and efficient solutions, backed by our expertise and airport relationships.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or you can simply come down and see first hand what we can do for you – we would love to meet you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest adventures, news and deals.

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