Pulse Magnetics

We at Pulse Magnetics are one of the UK’s leading manufactures of unique, high-grade powerful magnet bracelets and collars for dogs, cats, horses and humans. Magnetism is the very foundation of life on earth and our bodies have developed over millions of years within this magnetic field. Both our bodies and our pet’s are “electric”, which resonates within a frequency range. It is constantly being altered by either poor diet, injury, illness, accidents and the possible overexposure to electromagnetic fields. Our magnetic therapy products counteracts this by re-balancing the body’s natural healing mechanism. They help to re-address this imbalance by allowing the body to repair itself from within by either applying powerful magnetic fields to a problem area or by exposing the iron atoms in the blood to a Magnetic Field to aid and improve circulation to the whole body.

Our range of products includes:

  • Magnetic Dog Collars
  • Magnetic Cat Collars
  • Horse Fetlock Boost Magnetic Bands
  • Horse Rug Pads
  • Elegant Magnetic Bracelets & Bangles
  • Titanium Bracelets
  • Pulsar Wristbands
  • Magnetic Comfort Power Pads
  • & much more!

We have been manufacturing our own Magnetic Dog & Cat Collars for more than 24 years. They each contain one of the strongest magnets in the world and more importantly, the magnet is sited over the main artery in the neck to give a deeply penetrating magnetic force to maximise the benefits for your 4 legged friends. Our collars have had some positive comments from their owners: “My dog now has a new lease of life”…” now he plays with his other younger dog” and “he greets me when I come downstairs or home from work”. As an added bonus, they are available in 8+ colours, any size and can be made to measure.

Our Fetlock Bands for horses are both light and comfortable, and can be worn 24/7 in or out. Whereas our Magnetic Pads are ideal for Horse Rugs, Blankets and Pet Beds. Our pads are all Velcro Backed for ease of use, plus you can attach them to a cotton summer sheet or any wool-based material or you can simply sew them into place on your rug etc.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest products, news and deals or you can check out our website to see our stock and read our testimonials.