David Charlesworth

David Charlesworth has always worked within the professional art and graphic arts industry. He was one of Britain’s last Litho Artist apprentices in the days of the ‘closed shop’ and the Society of Lithographic Artists, Designers and Engravers. He began drawing trains and aircraft before he was three years old, started painting with oils when eight and completed his first commission when only twelve! Born in 1954, he is one of the few professional artists of his years with almost 50 years continuous experience producing and selling paintings and illustrations for customers at home and abroad.

Dogs, Cats, Horses… if you have precious memories of your treasured pets that you never caught on camera, let me recreate one for you. I can work from any reference you have and your recollections – even putting you in the picture to create a rich interpretation that will touch your heart every single day. I have produced hundreds of pet portraits using Oils, Pastels and Watercolour, usually working from photographs and snapshots.

Prices vary depending on medium and size, so just ask. As a guide, assume GBP85 for a small pencil sketch from a good photograph to an average GBP285 for a pastel 18x20in and to Oils from GBP385 for 18x20in. I also specialise in family portraits, scenic marine and landscape, transportation subjects, personal portraits and historical portraits and scenes.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me for further information on any of my services – I would love to hear from you! Or you can visit my social media pages to hear about my latest projects.

Remember, paintings give a lifetime of pleasure and last for generations.

www.davidcharlesworthart.com or www.notions.co.uk