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G.W. Lord (Gainsborough) – Horse and animal cremation

When the time comes to say goodbye to your horse, let us provide the care. We can arrange for the animal to be euthanased and the body taken away for cremation – or collect dead stock from your property. We can then return the ashes in a casket / urn for you to scatter or keep as you wish. We also provide the service for all farm and small animals.

Our services:

  • We provide collection service within 100 miles from us
  • Discreete cremations of horses
  • Ashes may be returned in a wooden casket with a brass plaque and inscription of your choice
  • Ashes may be returned in a wicker scatter basket
  • A framed lock of mane
  • Horse shoes
  • Collection of the stock at any time

G.W Lord offer 24 hour emergency service – just call 01427 613 321 at any time and you will be served straight away. We provide stress free service for your horse or pony.

When the time comes let us provide the care – Euthanase – Cremation – Cremation, ashes returned for scattering – Cremation, ashes returned in casket.

Address & Contact

Our Address

Westwinds, Walkerith Road, Morton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. DN21 3DB