Let your horse graze as nature intended

Most owners are aware that their horse evolved to graze at ground level on an almost continuous basis, and that restricting this natural behaviour can contribute to the many health and behavioural issues associated with our domestic horses. However, the reality is that it’s not always possible to give your horse access to 24/7 grazing even if you’d like to, and the alternatives are mostly unsatisfactory. It’s widely accepted that the high level feeding that comes with using a haynet has the potential to cause physical issues, but feeding from a low manger can be problematic too. Most horses will usually finish their hay far too quickly which of course can lead to digestive issues, and it’s really not ideal for horses with COPD. Providing hay loose on the ground has similarities to manger feeding, but with the added problem of lots more wastage.

So what is the ideal solution? Eazigrazer hay feeder provides that all important low level natural foraging and grazing behaviour that is essential for your horse’s well-being, but without the downsides. It gives your horse the opportunity to use natural grazing behaviour, regulates feeding, is low level, and keeps hay contained. This system can help you to manage and prevent health problems such as Gastric Ulcers and Colic, is ideal when you need to restrict grazing due to Laminitis, EMS, or Cushings, and can even improve respiratory conditions such as COPD. It can also prevent common behavioural problems such as weaving, cribbing and box walking, and the natural feeding position helps keep your horse soft, supple and tension free.

Not only that, but Eazigrazer will make your life easier too. This innovative hay feeder will save you money on reduced waste of hay and bedding, save time and effort when mucking out and feeding, and will prevent unnecessary veterinary bills and bodywork fees caused by unnatural feeding. All leading to more time to enjoy your healthy and happy horse!

And how does it work? Eazigrazer is very simple and easy to use, and there’s nothing complicated for your horse to work out either. All you need to do is load your hay and add the hay regulator. As your horse grazes, the hay regulator drops down automatically allowing constant but regulated access. The unique design features an interlocking lug and channel system which guides the hay regulator within the container and prevents your horse from twisting or removing it. Eazigrazer is designed to be free of small parts and mechanisms so you can feel confident there is no chance of injury to your horse, and it is easily portable so you can take it anywhere, or simply move it from stable to paddock when needed. You can even use it as a hay soaker if you wish, making light work of a job you would probably rather do without!

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